Naomi Schware & Amanda Burrill


Amy Madsen, Rexanne Martin,

Victoria Raiser


In Pre-Production



UnDivided is a documentary series that follows two female military veterans into the toughest and wildest crisis zones of war-torn countries around the world. 


Amanda Burrill and Naomi Schware have been surrounded by die-hard combat, survived bombings and attacks in their call of duty and fought for their lives.   Amanda has survived 19 surgeries and is equipped with three bionic body parts.  During their service as female soldiers they witnessed the best and the worst of humanity. That contrast of human behavior and seeing the situation from a female perspective, compelled them to focus on the untold stories of women, war and their battle for peace. 


Upon leaving active duty, both Amanda and Naomi became journalists completing Masters degrees at Columbia School of Journalism and Syracuse University to help them tell the mind-blowing stories unfolding every day in the most dangerous war-zones around the world.  They finally met half way around the globe when they became the first self-guided female veteran team to summit Denali.   After nearly dying several times during their 25 day mission, they realized that they were the perfect team to tell the female perspective of these wars.


In Season 1 audiences will get to go behind the frontlines with Naomi and Amanda as they travel to countries like Northern Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Columbia, Syria and Myanmar.   We will experience how Amanda and Naomi navigate these dangerous territories and get the stories from the women whose day to day is shaped by the reality of living in these crisis zones.  

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