Creators / Directors:

Naomi Schware & Amanda Burrill


Amy Madsen, Rexanne Martin,

Victoria Raiser


In Pre-Production


UnDivided is a documentary that captures the day-to-day of women living in some of the toughest crisis zones of war-torn countries around the world.  They all have one thing in common:  They are undivided in their battle for peace.


Our team Amanda Burrill and Naomi Schware are seasoned military veterans and journalists, that have been surrounded by die-hard combat, survived bombings and attacks in their call of duty and fought for their lives.  During their service as female soldiers they witnessed the best and the worst of humanity. That contrast of human behavior and seeing the situation from a female perspective, compelled them to focus on the untold stories of women in these war zones.


The audience will go behind the frontlines as we travel to Northern Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Columbia,  and Syria.  When we think of war zones we rarely get an intimate look of what it really means to live there day in day out, especially from a woman’s perspective.  Instead we hear about troops, border movements and the other statistics of warfare.  


In Undivided the audience will experience the differences and commonalities of these women’s lives and how the conflicts have shaped their daily tasks.  From waking up, brushing teeth, making breakfast, the struggle to educate their children, securing food and water, banding together to survive the daily assaults of patriarchal societies, being a soldier and organizing in their respective quests for a better life.