Level Up


Rexanne Martin

Victoria Raiser



In Pre-Production



“LEVEL UP” is a series about cutting edge social and impact entrepreneurs, start-ups and legendary philanthropists.  It’s about modern day super heroes that are utilizing their passion for change, brainpower and resources to do good and tackle major issues affecting the world we live in.


Viewers will have unparalleled access to the inside stories of these disrupters and their remarkable journeys.  These are the true renegades in business, technology, science, and philanthropy who are changing our world for the better.


The entrepreneurs and philanthropists in “Level Up” focus on everything from disaster relief, to fostering leadership of the less empowered, hunger, sustainability, clean tech, education, global pandemics, AI, climate change, the rainforests, free press, equal opportunities, social justice, sustainable food systems and more.


Our episodes will focus on their efforts and the conflicts they encounter while trying to find solutions to solve the problems at hand. Problems that, among other, are ignored or remain unsolved due to a lack of resources, political will, volatility, shortsightedness or greed.